Before Marrying Again… Ask These Questions

The first marriage ended in divorce. The second one is going to be different. But how can a person be sure that they are not making another mistake of a different caliber? This is a checklist that I use with clients during premarital counseling. It has been developed over the last 15 years spent counseling thousands of couples prior to marriage. Ask clients to look through the following checklist and check all that apply. Are there frequent arguments over nothing with little resolution? Do you or your partner use biting sarcasm to confront issues? Are you staying in the relationship out of fear or worry? Do you have few areas of common interest? Are you or is your partner overly dependent on parents or children? Are there any signs of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial abuse both present and in the past? Do you avoid discussing sensitive topics or are you afraid of their reaction? Does your partner frequently complain about unreal aches and pains?

Source: Before Marrying Again… Ask These Questions


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