Did you find out your partner cheated (or that they never stopped)?

Narcissists never developed the ability to form a healthy attachment or bond with anyone. This partly explains their constant cheating, but another reason they cheat so much is because it’s a form of entertainment for them, and is also why many of them are sexually deviant. They need constant excitement because they don’t have the normal human emotions to contend with. It also gives them a sense of power when they successfully conquer those who they have been in pursuit of–which may consist of both genders!

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Did you wake up this morning, still reeling from the traumatic discovery of your partner’s cheating?

Perhaps you discovered they went on a little tryst over the Christmas holiday and now you’re sick with fear that they will pull the same trickery on New Year’s Eve.

Or, maybe you recently busted them for cheating and they promised to stop–but then you found another email or text from the affair partner, and your cheating partner was so enraged that they used a fear or weakness of yours as justification for their philandering.

Let’s not forget the all-time classic, “You kept accusing me of cheating, so I went ahead and did it!”  Seriously?  Of course one would be suspicious if their partner lied and hid his or her questionable activities under a perpetual cloak of secrecy.

You may find this hard to believe, but your partner’s cheating ways have nothing to do with you.  I’d bet, though…

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