Exposing an abuser and taking legal action….is actually in the abusers best interests.

Its not about revenge…

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I know abuse is increasing. I’ve done my research. I know a lot about why. I know a lot about abusive types of people.

Abuse, is evil. I don’t tolerate abuse. I don’t condone abuse. I don’t enable abuse. This is more evil.

This does *not* mean I do not have compassion for the reasons abusers, abuse.

I have blogged about my compassion for abusers, their mental health issues, and how I wish I could change them, heal them,  for ‘their’ sakes, as well as their victims.

But, that isn’t reality, and I know the reality, that abusers – abuse and abuse is increasing and this is not okay.

I believe in exposing abusers. Not for revenge. Not for retribution. But to help stop abuse from continuing, because for those with those certain personality disorders/traits and disorders like paedophilia, they will continue abusing. And only a fool, trusts them to stop.


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