Potentially Abusive Personalities: Some Red Flags – by Dr. George Simon, Jr.

A Cry For Justice

Once more we extend our thanks to Dr. Simon for contributing this second article on still another vital subject.  See his first post at How to Recognize True and False Contrition. As most of our readers know, Dr. Simon is the author of:

1. In Sheep’s Clothing – Understanding and Dealing With Manipulative People [*affiliate link]

2. Character Disturbance – The Phenomenon of Our Age [*affiliate link]

3. The Judas Syndrome – Why Good People do Awful Things [*affiliate link]

This trilogy really serves to equip anyone with tools that you will agree we all should have learned much earlier in life.  Here then is Dr. Simon:

While there is no single profile for an abuser and no particular abusive personality type, there are certain personality characteristics an individual can have that can place a person at higher risk for abuse in any relationship with them.  Abusers come in…

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