Narcissists and the “Let’s Be Friends” Scam

After 5 years together, then the discard and subsequent hoovering, IT says: “I miss your sense of humor and your chit chat…” Oh well in that case: No, Asshole, NO!!!

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

man looking at woman

You and your Narcissistic partner have agreed that things just aren’t working out between the two of you.  You’ve heard all the reasons why you could never be an ideal partner for them.  In the middle of the discussion, he or she turns, gives you a pensive look and says, “I know we can’t be together, but I care about you a lot and don’t want to lose you completely.  Can we just be friends?”

You might as well call their new sex partner and invite him or her to stay in the bedroom where you and the Narcissist sleep together.  In fact, expect your bedroom to turn into community property as the Narcissist plays the both of you like fiddles.

Before we go into why their “Let’s be friends” suggestion is the most ridiculous scam ever, let’s examine why the two of you have agreed the relationship is over.

The Narcissist’s…

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