How You Actually Win Against The Sociopath or Narcissistic

Survivors are winners. Abusers are losers.

So Long Sociopath

Most of the websites I browse in order to help me understand the mess of a life my Sociopath led me to say the same thing… That you can’t win against them. What a depressing concept; knowing that not only did you sacrifice your time, money and sanity but in the long run they are supposedly unaffected and immune to the controversy they present in your lives and hurt.

When I first read this on sites it would leave me feeling so defeated, so helpless and almost wanting to not end the relationship just so I had something,whether it be the abuse or not. To be thrown away, discarded like trash and not even important enough to have any kind of impact on E seemed impossibly hard to grasp.

Here is a secret though, sure we do not win in the “care-less” department but when we walk away, grow, move…

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