Thursday Thought — Abuse is a Boundary Problem

A Cry For Justice

When I use the word “boundary”, I am referring to the limits we have around our bodies and our minds to protect our safety, our integrity, and our privacy.  Our boundaries can be thought of as fences with gates in them.  At certain times we decide to open the gates and allow chosen people to pass through; at other moments the way is blocked, and we have a right to have the limits respected. Certain people we prefer never to let in, and places exists within us that may be open to no one.

Some boundaries we can reasonably consider inherent, in that they are accepted by most cultures as natural and unassailable; they are just there, without us having to erect them.  The outside of our bodies, our skin, is one such limit; no one should touch us without our consent or against our wishes.  Another inherent boundary…

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